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  • Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • former member Australian Hypnotherapy Association
  • former Secretary and Treasurer Australian Hypnotherapists SA Branch

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Australian Hypnotherapists Association
Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Local Lymph Drainage Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Massage Therapist in Adelaide

Experience a welcoming, comforting and relaxed environment for all lymph drainage, massage and hypnotherapy services.

  • Omid Rad
    I have suffered chronic back and neck pain for many years and it's only been with Dianne that I have felt some relief. Thank you for making my life a little less painful.
    Omid Rad
  • Tom Snow
    I came to Dianne Bradey Remedial Therapy with quite a few knots in my back. The staff were excellent and highly skilled. They were able to take years of stress of my back! I would definitely recommend and I will be back there soon.
    Tom Snow
  • Neil
    Awesome massage, very professional in every way. Dianne's caring nature and knowledge about your aches and pains and how to treat and manage them is second to none. Also as a life coach using NLP techniques, she was able to help me reduce my sugar intake and assist me with study problems that I was having. Highly Recommended.
  • Donna Hastings
    I can't rate Dianne Bradey highly enough. She is an excellent massage therapist, who I have been seeing for many years. She is also trained in other complimentary therapies to assist many wellness needs. She is friendly, and warm and I thoroughly recommend her services.
    Donna Hastings
  • Felicity Reynolds
    Dianne is outstanding! Her knowledge of anatomy and how to fix my problems is second to none. I've had great success with therapy after a frozen shoulder procedure and she has helped my long term back problems. I'm recommending her to all my friends and family.
    Felicity Reynolds
  • Ben
    Highly professional, great quality massage in a peaceful environment. Dianne is knowledgeable in a number of different massage techniques and related services. She's suggested a number of different treatments which have aided me in reducing the pain I have been living with. Highly recommend going to see her.
  • I dont smoke or have any desire to smoke after 1 hypnotherapy session. I now have the confidence to tell my friends that my car is a no-smoking zone.  Absolutely Amazing.  Jack
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Dianne Bradey supports the following benefits:

Health Fund Rebates
Workcover Insurance Accredited Treatment
After-Hours Appointments

Lymph Drainage,  Massage are $90 per hour

and Hypnotherapy are $130.

Dianne Bradey is a Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and is skilled across many areas of massage and therapy as shown below:

HYPNOTHERAPY & Other Consultations

Quit smoking, stop vaping and weight-loss hypnosis used in a clinical hypnotherapy session.

Lymph Massage,  Lipodema  and  Lymphoedema Treatment


Light and rhythmical massage that helps the body to collect and move lymphatic fluid and reduce inflammation. Specialty in lymphoedema and lipodema management. Learn how to self manage.

Craniosacral Therapy


Aids natural bodily intelligence by assisting to remove impediments to the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.




A sequence of methods to reflexes found on the feet, hands and outer ears.


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Dianne will assess your symptoms and anatomy, then use diagnostic techniques for the most effective massage. Full body massage available.

Therapeutic Massage


Ease postoperative pain and lymph flow. Recommended for stress relief

Hot Stone Massage


Technique which uses smooth hot stones to deliver effective tissue and muscle massage.


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